Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Free Up RAM Memory In Windows 7 Quickly And Easily

Memory Cleaner is very different from other system memory cleaning tools out there. What makes it unique is that it uses the functionalities build inside windows to clean the system memory, thus making it both effective and safe.

Most memory cleaning tools you will see out there use ill-advised techniques which works only on Windows XP and all OS before it. They will fail in both Windows Vista and Windows 7, and might even corrupt your system memory sectors.

Memory Cleaner as mentioned in the introductory paragraph, takes a very different approach. Not only does it allow users to clear the system cache, but also allows them to trim processes’ working set. Both options are safe to perform and will not harm your system.
By trimming processes’ working sets, I was able to free around 100MB of RAM while clearing the system cache saved an extra 170MB of RAM. Collectively I was able to reduce the memory usage by 270MB.
Memory Cleaner
Apart from clearing the system cache, it also displays live memory usage, along with pagefile and virtual memory usage. You can also check the average, maximum, and minimum usage.

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